Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mid Century Ash Tray Decor. "Wait, I don't smoke!"

No, I don't smoke. My husband doesn't smoke either. I fell in love with it instantly and now we own an ashtray. Not just any ashtray, a large ashtray.A classic 1950's, amoeba shaped, teal and green, drip glaze beauty that I found today at the thrift store.

I always try to do a once through if I am in town doing errands. I feel if I don't stop, I will miss out on some great piece of mid century decor. I think I may be addicted. Must stop! Ok, that's just not realistic.

It's a wonderful display piece. Everyone smoked in the 1950's. They all did, Mom's, Dad's, Uncle Willard, your teacher, your pastor, everyone. What a great addition to a home with collection of authentic 1950's decor.

I found some other fantastic mid century ash trays for sale on etsy. I think a mid century home should not be without one. I intend on using it for a nut and candy dish.  Voila!

Mid Century Ashtray 1950's Chartreuse Etsy seller - girlsgirlsvintage

Poodle Ashtray 1950s - Etsy - NeutralNellies

Vintage 1950's Shiny Green Cal Style Ashtray by etsy seller VintageoutoftheAttic

Atomic Amoeba Ashtray - Etsy - Northfolkvintage22

 Shawnee Pottery Atomic Pink Ashtray Etsy - UpHome


1950's Bowling Lane Ash Tray - Etsy - TKSPRINGSTHINGS

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  1. I have a serious ashtray problem, I won't lie. I LOVE them! And neither me or my husband smoke. But we find so many uses for them! Coasters, jewelry and candy dishes, entry way dish for keys and such.


    1. Thanks for you nice comment. I now have an ashtray and planter addiction. I was never a nick-back person before. I just can't leave them at the thrift store. If I try, I just end up going back later and buying them. Lol