Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day - Fun, Family and My 1950's Wool Skirt

It's me. My son took this picture of me in my 1950's outfit. I am going to try to add more photos of the clothing I wear. I did not have a crinoline on with my full skirt but I did have my red lipstick on. A definite must for 50's gals. It looks like I will be browsing ebay or etsy for some cute 1950's clip on earrings. I must improve my 1950's jewelry collection.


I found this great 1950's Thanksgiving tutorial on youtube. Butter is the theme here. Although the title says "Butterball" it is truly an American Dairy Association commercial. I am not the most amazing cook but I did manage to use real sweet cream butter on this years turkey. I have never used a cheesecloth for anything in my life but dipping one in butter and putting it on a turkey looks like it makes a beautiful brown bird. I use ginger ale for basting over and inside the cavity of my turkey every year. I am not sure if 1950's housewives ever thought of using that. I believe it is used as a substitute for champagne. A new friend told me about it and tried it and have been doing it for about 10 years now. It makes a moist turkey for sure. I can already smell our turkey through our home right now. I missed that. We will be making fruit salad, squash, sweet potatoes and my homemade mashed potatoes. Apple pie and Pumpkin pie are on the menu too. Have a Happy 1950's Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1947 Treet Meal for family..Yum?

In tin or glass it's the same delicious Treet...

April 1947 - Better Homes and Gardens Magazine - Treet Potato Puffs Recipe

While thumbing through my April 1947 copy of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine I came across this recipe.
I don't think I have purchased Treet for years. It's not something I normally think of buying, but this week I will be grabbing a couple of cans to try this quick and pretty cheap family meal even for today's standards. I will add a frozen veggie too..probably peas. My meal will also be in color. ;)

1950's Novelty Party la la!

 1950's Novelty Dress...

I fell in LOVE with this 1950's Party Dress. Ebay is a dangerous place when browsing for vintage and of course it's little sister Etsy. I could shop all day. 

I adore novelty prints from this era. These are my favorite mixture of colors, deep blue and greens. The entire dress is a cotton/blend. It has a full skirt that I will be wearing my crinoline with.  Every 50's girl needs a crinoline, it's a must and a staple in her wardrobe. This sweet dress can be dressed up or down. I will be wearing this dress to church and of course this Summer for picnic's. But onto the real reason I bought this amazing 50's dress. My husband and I will be attending the annual poinsettia ball/party given by his employer on December 7th. What a perfect reason to find a new 50's frock. I am currently looking for little white gloves to wear and pearl earrings, bracelet and beaded purse. I have a 1950's 3 strand pearlesque necklace to wear. This necklace was purchased by my husband and was my true first 1950's piece of jewelry. I will be posting the entire ensemble soon. I love the holidays and 1950's life.

It's snowing. Time to get out my wool?

It's early here and i am quietly sipping away at my peppermint flavored coffee and I look up at a mini snowstorm.

We are in Maine so why am I still surprised? All of the kids are asleep as they have Thanksgiving vacation. Being born in the 1970's and missing out by over two decades makes me think of how 1950's women dressed on a winter day like this. I have a vintage room in my home filled with many eras of clothing. 1950's through the 1980's. I will be digging up my little plaid wool skirts today and cable knit sweaters. I am glad to get a post done about a lovely little dress I purchased on my 1950's dresses page. I am building my blog and 1950's life one piece at a time. I can see how it can be quite a task so I want to share it with my followers from the beginning. Thanks for reading!