Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Mid Modern Housewife's Day of Spring Cleaning, Decorating, Sewing and Cooking

It's been a little while since a new post. I have been debating whether to keep my blog public as well as my twitter. My husband and myself  have discussed what we should do considering posting parts of our/my life. We are unique and want to share it. Unfortunately there are a group of people and we all have certain people (exes, morons, jealous haters) that we would like to leave us alone and let us live our lives. That's in a perfect world unlike the one we live in. So here it goes I hope they love my life and apparently we will always have our own private "fan" club.

It's finally acting like Spring here in Maine. We have been hit by snow storm after snow storm and freezing temperatures late into the season. This week I have been able to stop using that soot factory, I mean wood stove.