Friday, May 22, 2015

The 1950's Housewife Cleaning Products vs. Modern Cleaning Products

My husband is off to work and our 3 children are off to school. I updated my Vintage Closet page here on the blog. Dishes are done and laundry is washing and drying. Yes, I have a dish washer and modern appliances of course. I am on the look out for a vintage refrigerator..specifically a pink one.

I DID hand wash pots and pans this morning with Dawn dish soap. It got me wondering what cleaning products I am using today that my mother did in the 1950's. I've done a little research and here is what I've found with the products I have on hand. I love the 1950's packaging and may start my collection.

AJAX Cleanser: It's was introduced by Colgate-Palmolive in 1947 as a household and industrial cleaner. I always have this on hand and it's cheap. Usually less than $1.

1950's AJAX Ad                 VS.           My AJAX can today. 

Joy Dishwashing Liquid. Joy was introduced in the 1950's.  Sadly I am using Dawn which wasn't introduced to housewives until 1973. Time to get some Joy. 

Joy Dishwashing Liquid            VS.                       My DAWN Today

Comet Cleanser was introduced in 1956. I am currently using a Comet bathroom spray. Ok, I think I get some points for that. 

          1950's Coment                  VS.                 My Comet Spray Cleaner

Spic and Span was invented and introduced in 1933 by two Michigan housewives. I currently have a Lavender spray version. I am addicted to the lovely scent. My kitchen smells amazing when I am done cleaning. I so love the vintage advertising. 

1950's Spic and Span

 VS. My Modern Spic and Span Spray

Thanks for Reading. Happy Housewifing!


  1. I have most of these items in my cleaning closet too! I use either Palmolive dish soap or Ajax dish soap so I'll have to see when those came about!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I'm also curious about Palmoliveand Ajax dish soap. I didn't look those up in my research. I also use borax and make my own laundry soap like they did back then. I will be posting about that. :) I seriously think I am going to acquire some 1950's product packages (full or empty). They look so much better than today's packaging. I think they would look great on a shelf in my laundry room and kitchen. Glad I did some research. What fun..more collecting. Thanks for reading. :) Have a great Memorial Weekend.

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  4. I feel like none of it has changed very much. I have started to make most of my cleaning products at home. They tend to be a lot stronger and a little less harmful that way. I have noticed that my clothing and linens are lasting longer because of the laundry powder I mix. It is just gentle on fabrics.

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  5. It is true. The cleaning products from back then are so much better than what they have manufactured today. They need to keep things simple and not put so many ingredients into each one. Ajax is also one of my favorite cleaning products. That stuff works so many wonders, it is amazing.

    Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply Co.

  6. We have to be very careful in the matter of cleaning of our houses and house wife plays an important role in them.

  7. What supply is around now that could look like it was around in the '50s, as a clothing stain remover?

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