Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vintage Nightgowns For the Feminine Touch

Often as homemakers we can become frumpy with our night attire. I am guilty of this myself. The habit of throwing on sweatpants and a t-shirt is easy and comfortable. I have a favorite pair of  thick fleece jammie pants myself. I dress vintage as much as I can with a mix of modern pieces, but I have honestly been lazy with my nightwear.

In modern times pajamas have become daywear. 

You may have seen young women, mom's and even men wearing jammie pants to the local grocery store. Years ago during my favorite eras of the late 1940's to mid 1950's, this would have been a crazy idea. I wonder if a woman or man would have been arrested for public indecency for wearing pajamas in public?

What happened to women wearing beautiful nightgowns? I suspect as more and more women entered the workforce and became busier those pink ruffled gowns were put away and forgotten about.

Through the years night attire adorned with lace and ruffles would be seen as sexy and only worn for our husbands on those "special" occasions.

I believe with the rise of online pornography and constant sexualization of women in general that anything feminine or frilly translates as sexy. And anything sexy and must be worn for "sex".

Women also wore garter belts and thigh high stockings for everyday wear back in the day, but today those items seem to be seen as an "intimate" uniform for sex in modern times.

Are the day's of dainty, feminine nightwear gone? Victoria's Secret and PINK offer a range to things for nightwear. I'm not interested in thongs, shorty short nighties and I know I don't want words across the butt my panties.

Many of us have heard that flannel nightgowns are for our grandma's.

Vintage feminine nightgowns left a little to the imagination and were functional as well.  Some vintage nightgowns were more sheer than others, but many of these vintage nightgowns had matching robes and slippers. During the fall and winter months many nightgowns were made of flannel but also included lace and ruffles. They were very feminine and comfortable.

I'm excited to build my vintage nighttime wardrobe and grow with the femininity it offers. My husband loves vintage nightwear. He also loves the 1940's and 1950's like I do.  He agrees that modern women have lost the feminine touch in many aspects.

Below are photos of my two of my favorite pieces of nightwear for the Summer Months. The vintage lace, ruffle and applique details are wonderful. I the vintage pink 3 piece set at an estate sale for $2. It was new in the box. The vintage 2 piece blue lace nightgown & robe set was thrifted.

Beautiful Details!

Pearlesque Buttons, Lace and Pink Embroidered Flowers

Estate Sale Find - Vintage Pink Nightgown & Robe Set
Matching Vintage Ruffle Bloomers

Thrifted Vintage Blue Ruffle & Floral Lace Nightgown & Robe Set

Wonderful Vintage Styling!

 Ruffle and Floral Lace Details On the Sleeves Too!

Thanks for Reading!

Happy Housewifing!


  1. I love these items of clothing. I have a few original bits myself and frequently wear a pink gingham nightie I made from a vintage pattern xx

    Ps - I'm glad you like my blog!

    1. Hello Melanie,

      Thank you for stopping by! Your nightie sounds adorable. I may pick up a vintage pattern and try to make my own nightgown.

      Yes, your blog is wonderful! I need to take more time and leave my thoughts in your comments.


      Mrs. Jenny

  2. Hi Jenn. I love your thoughts on the lost art of nighttime dressing. The pink set you posted is adorable!

  3. Waw! Amazing! Such a great post you have shared about Womens NightWear!

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