Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Homemakers Creed - Free Printable

I wanted to share an oldy but goody from way back. Betty Crocker created the Home Legion of America in 1940. This is "The Homemakers Creed" of the Home Legion. I  love being a homemaker or housewife and I simply believe all of these things. 

This list helps me when I get discouraged or side tracked. Print one out for your fridge or wall as a reminder of how important our job is as a homemaker..

Thanks for Reading! Happy Housewifing!


  1. Thanks for the printable. Homemaking is definitely becoming a lost art. Although I do work, and for the time being I cannot be at home full time, I make every effort to leave that world at the door and when I walk into my home, I take on the task of homemaking. It is sometimes difficult to balance because homemaking is truly a full time job, but I do what I can and one day, I will be able to shake the dust of the corporate world from my feet and don the apron of homemaking full time.

  2. I truly understand the issue of balancing a full-time job and homemaking. I went back to work for 6 months this past year. It was a disaster in one way or another. I have some debts from my past marriage/life that need to be paid off. Sadly I wasn't prepared and neither was my husband and children. I was so anxiety riddled and frazzled and tremendously guilt ridden for quitting and coming home full time. I truly is like being torn in two. I really admire you for being a homemaker and full time working mom. I have to drop my son off at football in a little bit. I couldn't do that if I was at work. I do miss the full time paycheck. I'm honestly putting my all into online work such as ebay. I sell on Amazon and Ebay. My ebay income is going toward all of my debt. School Loans mostly. I don't have any credit card debt. I think I will write about it soon. Maybe a lot of mom's have "debt" needing attention?

    Thanks for stopping in!

    Mrs. Jenn

  3. What a timely (for me) post and I love the idea of you addressing debt in a post!