Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This LAZY Housewife Walked Over 2 miles Today and I didn't Leave The House

Hello and thanks for stopping by to read my blog. I wanted to make a post about my part of my day. Like the title says I walked over 2 miles today.

I know I have touched on the modern negative view of stay at home moms or housewives. We have all heard phrases like "She's a lazy housewife." or "She sit's on the couch eating and watching T.V. all day" and other nonsense.

To be fair maybe some women do sit around. I for one don't sit around and today was a light duty housework day and I managed to walk over 2 miles and I wasn't wearing athletic shoes and I didn't leave the house except to let my little dog Millie out to potty. My son took her for her walk today which I usually do myself.

I wasn't purposely monitoring steps but I did have my pocket apron on and I had left my phone in the pocket all day while doing laundry, sweeping, doing dishes, and just doing daily housewife duties. I inadvertently caught my step count on my not so vintage Iphone 5. The built in health monitor caught everything. I happened to browse at some unwanted apps on my phone and removed those an opened this one to see what it was.

I walk regularly and hike on weekends with the family but never thought that I was "exercising" while doing my housework. It can be tough to fit exercise in our busy days. I honestly think using a pedometer or an "app" step counter can be a positive lift to us stay at home parents, homemakers or housewives. Choose your title. I feel pretty good  about my 2 plus miles right now. Below is a screen shot of my steps today. I think my goal for tomorrow will be 5000 steps. What a fun app!

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