Sunday, May 4, 2014

A little peek at my Stepford Wife Closet.

I've been addicted to Instagram for the past month. I will be posting my outfits of the day here as well. Below are some from April. My hair was a bit dark and I am on my way blonde as your will see the transition. With the exception of the vintage plaid skirt I made the drndl skirts. ( yes that is the correct spelling)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Instagram - Vintage Atomic Gals I Love!

I have so much to write about and need to get on it. Spring is here?...well sort of here in Maine. I swear it has been the longest winter that I remember. Yay for being able to wear pretty, pretty dresses as my hubby calls them.

I have also discovered the fab world or culture of guys and gals who love and live  the retro life as I do. I love getting "grammed" with 1940's and 1950's outfits of the day or #ootd. Being able to follow and be followed (ha ha not by creepers) and share this lifestyle is great. 

Where I live my husband and I are quite unique. We are Rockabilly without the edge or tattoos. Ok he has tat's but we prefer keep the Stepford wife look for myself.  I prefer crinolines, drndl skirts, circle skirts and pearl necklaces and little white gloves. 

If you are interested in gals who don the Betty Draper or June Cleaver style and live the retro/housewife life. I will be posting a monthly list of my Instagram.  

  I follow and would recommend: 

***These are in no particular order.***

(most have a blog posted on their Instagram as well)

@mylifeatomic1955  (shameless plug for myself) 

@ameliajetson  - She has style of Lucille Ball and adorable little Redhead.

@modernjunecleaver - Style of Betty Draper not Betty Page. Beauty and Amazing style all in one. Amazing wardrobe! 

@fouxdufafaa - Vanilla Blonde with sweet, innocent 1940's to 50's wardrobe, hair and makeup. Superb!!

@vintageglamourpuss - Mommy and vintage lover. Sews her own homemade 1950's reproduction dresses (as I do now). Looking forward to more posts of her novelty dresses. 

@bristolelizabeth - Amazing accessories and beautiful dresses. Love her style and outfits of the day. 

@themrsjenk - Wonderful eye for 50's dresses and Bakelite accessories. Redheaded beauty love her ootd. Hope to see many more. I think her Instagram is fresh and one to watch. 

@cakesvintage - She Rocks blonde betty bangs and has sweet stepford wife style. Can't wait to see more ootd from her. 

@mistysnow8 - Living like it's 1954.  Enough said. This gal has a to die for home and wardrobe. I find myself stalking  her gram frequently. Her pics are wonderful and I get a lot of ideas from her 1950's gram. 

@sailingoveracardboardsea - Great artsy photos and her look is so perfectly point on. 40's and 50's esque. 

@micheletigerlily  - Vast postings ootd. Edgy but still pulls out the crinoline for a softer 50's look in her full skirts and novelty dresses. Awesome!!!

There are so many amazing retro instagrammers sharing their stuff everyday I wish I could mention everyone  here. Like a said before I am going to continue to do a monthly shout on my blog.  

Here is my outfit of the Day. Vintage handmade Gingham with Daisy appliqué on the collar shirt dress. crinoline, black suede shoes, vintage skinny belt, pearl earrings and retro makeup. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Housewifing!