Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cleaning with Bleach, Makes Me Happy!

1950's Housewife Cleaning with Bleach
Just like the title says, cleaning my kitchen counters makes me happy. As stay at home moms or housewives most of us can relate to the dread of cleaning a messy kitchen. This is where everything and everyone seems to land. It leads to piles of just about everything and if you procrastinate like I do, dishes pile up and counters get sticky and so on. Being a housewife/stay at home mom takes a lot of self-discipline.

I have found that no matter what I use to clean my kitchen with it just doesn't give it the clean smell or brightness as bleach. I have used store bought cleaners and of course vinegar and water. Cleaning is daunting period. I wish I was one of those Martha Stuart or June Cleaver types with the perfectly clean eat off the floor homes. You know them, we all know them. It's depressing.

I have told myself I WILL clean the kitchen sink and counters every morning with a old spray bottle of water and bleach. I have done it for  almost 30 days. As they say it takes 30 days to form a habit and this is one is actually going to work.

In the morning I send my husband off to work. I always lay his clothes out for him and make him a cup of tea as he kicked the coffee habit. The kids are home from school for the Summer so they are still sleeping that early in the morning. I take our little dog Millie out for tinkle and feed her as part of my morning routine. I put any dishes into the dishwasher and hand wash any that need scrubbing like the pots and pans from the night before. I turn the dishwasher on and grab my spray bottle of bleach/water mix. I use a stronger bleach mix in my bottle and spray away. I don't use gloves but you may want to. I spray the counters, microwave and the front of any appliances on the counter. I wipe them down with a simple wash cloth. My sink is white and I wipe it down and then spray it and leave the bleach mixture to dry. My sink has never been so white in all the 5 years we have lived here in our home.

The clean smell bleach gives my kitchen area is great. I sweep the floor and spray any spots in the most heavy traffic areas and run a damp mop over it. I wipe out the sink and microwave daily now. It really does help to get the day going. It's good simple routine that has helped to keep me happier throughout the day. I don't dread the kitchen and things don't pile up anymore. Such a simple old fashioned cleaning trick changed the hum drum daily task of cleaning the kitchen.