Thursday, August 11, 2016

Vintage Pyrex Dumpster Finds and Other Vintage Rescues

I wanted to post about some vintage rescues I made this week. I've been cleaning out clutter this Summer and I have thrown out a ton of junk. I have been trying to keep my "vintage collecting" to a minimum. It's a challenge and this past Sunday I caved.  It was a nice day and My husband and myself happened to be dropping off some donations at the Salvation Army and I noticed the dumpster was packed full to the brim with "junk". I saw a shiny object on top and knew immediately what it was. I'm not embarrassed to say I dumpster dived and have done it before.  I honestly wasn't purposely looking for "vintage" finds I swear I wasn't. This one is NOT my fault.

I walked over and grabbed it and my husband already knew he had lost me. I was all in by now. It was a beautiful vintage copper colored gingerbread man jello mold. I have a collection on my kitchen wall and now this little man is hanging there with pride.

Of course I went back to see just in case the employees threw out anymore "junk" and to my delight and high. PYREX! Vintage PYREX! Score. It's pink, perfect and it was sitting with a small pyrex inside it. Sadly there was another pyrex dish smashed into a million pieces near them. Honestly, I was  still overjoyed and happily walked over to the car with my dumpster rescues. Of course my husband was laughing at me.

My husband then pointed to the ground between the dumpsters at something pink and he walked over and grabbed a small pink vintage Royal Traveler suitcase. I could have died. Apparently the employees view this stuff as worthless but it's like gold to anyone with a love for vintage.

Vintage Pink Pyrex Casserole Dish and Bowl and Vintage Copper Colored Jello Mold 

Vintage Pink Royal Traveler Train Case - Suitcase

Thanks for Reading! Happy Housewifing!


  1. Wow! I am speechless! What finds!! Congratulations.

    1. Hello!

      Yes, It was a fantastic find. I'm glad I was there to grab them. Wish I could save them all but then I would end up a hoarder.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. SCORE!!!! And, yes, totally shameless about dumpster diving! Both my dad and I have done it before!


  3. Hi Janey,

    Yes! Score it was! Glad to see someone else totally shameless in "rescuing" vintage treasures and other goodies hidden in there.

    Thank you for commenting!

    Mrs. Jenn