Monday, May 25, 2015

I'll Take That Compliment, Thank You!

We had a wonderful day. Perfect weather for Memorial Day. We attended the local parade. It was short, but we were able to see the veterans. I received a nice compliment from a lady in the crowd. She said that she loved the classic look. I usually receive compliments from women when I am out and about. I believe this day in age women do not compliment each other at all. I believe my attire somehow makes other women at ease and thus opens a line of communication. I rarely go out without having a compliment thrown my way from another gal. I think it's wonderful when we can stop and talk as strangers like that. I want to think it's like back in the day when you could borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor.

After we left the parade we drove to the waterfront to see if there was a car show going on. Sadly we were disappointed. On our way home we spotted one at a retirement home. Happily, we pulled in and found some beauties. My hubby snapped a few photos of our favorites. I have also updated My Vintage Closet page.

1959 Corvette

1947 Chevy

1960 Hillman

1959 Ford Thunderbird

Hope everyone had a great Weekend!

Happy Housewifing!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday. We had rain, rain, rain. :( don't you love it when someone comments on your style? I stopped at a gas station Saturday on my way to my grandson's birthday party and had on my vintage dress, cardigan, and a straw hat that I had dressed up with flowers that matched my ensemble and the cashier was like "you are too cute! I love how everything coordinates!" Then I stopped at a thrift store and the proprietor said I looked "fetching" in my hat, which opened up a conversation on vintage and I scored a vintage velvet hat/headband for free! I was as pleased as punch! Have a great week.

    1. Oh how great that you also receive those compliments. I really think it puts people at ease with our attire. Maybe "we" are the confident one's?? I truly believe it's a nice reminder of the past and how things were and should be. So happy you were able to score "free" vintage.. that is the best deal! :) Thanks for your comment.