Monday, June 1, 2015

1950's Housewives. Keep your feminine "Daintiness" by douching with Lysol Disinfectant. Oh, MY?!

Today is June 1, how exciting. Summertime is almost here and the weather has allowed me to take out my pretty summer frocks. More exciting news today. I received my much awaited June 1951, issue of Household Magazine. It was a fair price at 15 cents but it isn't as affordable as the lovely Women's Day magazines I frequently read. Woman's Day is priced at just 5 cents. I'm so glad my husband works hard so we can afford such extras. He say's "Happy Wife, Happy Life." Wink.

While reading my recent issue of Household. I learned "How To Grow a Garden in my Kitchen" and found quite a few Father's Day cake recipe's made from scratch. I will post a couple in my recipe section. I have yet to choose my Favorite, but I will post some of them. I also learned that I can take a Greyhound Bus from New York to San Francisco for just $49.80. Oh how, I would enjoy taking the scenic route offered. I can imagine that I am a "woman of the world." Should I even imagine such things? After all who would take care of my husband, the house and children while I was off on such a whim. Maybe I will cut out the coupon and send away for the free "Amazing America" tours folder instead. That would be a nice way to see America without actually leaving my wifely duties behind. 

I also came upon an advertisement for "Lysol Disinfectant" that I was somewhat taken a back by. The headline read's "That other you could end your Marriage". You bet I was going to read further. How concerning that people at Lysol know what could possibly doom my marriage. I read further. 

"You make sure of your feminine daintiness when you douche regularly with "Lysol"!

"Lysol" cleanses the vaginal canal even in the presence of mucus matter.

Many doctors advise patients to douche regularly with "Lysol" just to insure daintiness alone and to use it as often as needed. 

June, 1951 Lysol Advertisment - Household Magazine
 With all these claims, I was feeling a bit..well..undesirable. I wondered if my husband found my womanly parts as "detestable" as the advertisement was insinuating. I sat here in wonder and decided to do some more research on "Lysol's" claim about their miracle marriage saver "douche".

I opened my handy Google Encyclopedia for some answers. To my surprise, I found out that I was reading this advertisement entirely wrong. I was supposed to be reading "between the lines". Oh, silly me. This advertisement is for BIRTH CONTROL. Us housewives are supposed to use it after our "intimate" times with our husbands. The claim it kills "germ" life quickly on contact, is meant to kill "sperm". Gasp! 

In my research I found that women have been using this for years and years as the old stand by. Since birth control in the 1950's is illegal for us married gals and of course single people should not be having "sexual relations" at all, this is what we are supposed to use. I am glad I never knew about this type of so called birth control. On the other hand, I do have 5 children. Hmmm...anyways, Lysol should be ashamed of themselves. What a crock. 

Douching with Lysol disinfectant is just as terrible, horrible, dumb idea. It has caused vaginal infections, it corrodes vaginal walls, causes infertility, and even death. It isn't even an effective contraceptive.  My advice is to stick to using Lysol on your floors ladies. Please keep it out of your vagina. Our husbands will be just fine and our marriages won't end over our lack of "daintiness".

On another note, I suddenly have the urge mop my floor. Thanks for Reading. Happy House-wifing.

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