Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Mid Modern Housewife's Day of Spring Cleaning, Decorating, Sewing and Cooking

It's been a little while since a new post. I have been debating whether to keep my blog public as well as my twitter. My husband and myself  have discussed what we should do considering posting parts of our/my life. We are unique and want to share it. Unfortunately there are a group of people and we all have certain people (exes, morons, jealous haters) that we would like to leave us alone and let us live our lives. That's in a perfect world unlike the one we live in. So here it goes I hope they love my life and apparently we will always have our own private "fan" club.

It's finally acting like Spring here in Maine. We have been hit by snow storm after snow storm and freezing temperatures late into the season. This week I have been able to stop using that soot factory, I mean wood stove.

I am Spring cleaning along with my housewifely duties. After getting my hubby dressed and lunch made and hot coffee I sent him on his way to work.  Now I was off to scrubbing ceiling fans, kitchen cabinets and all of the other hidden places that soot and grime have landed during this LONG Winter. Of course I am happily scrubbing those kitchen cabinets now awaiting my pink layers of paint to add to the awesomeness of my 1950's kitchen. Also after doing laundry, baking a cake, mopping the kitchen floor, doing dishes and a bunch of other fun, filled housewife duties. I took a quick break for a simple project for my kitchen.

I was able to quickly spray paint some frames that hold my 1940's/1950's magazine advertisements. I think it's a pretty cheap and neat way to add a vintage vibe to a room. I chose some ad's from Ladies Home Journal from 1956 and 1957. The magazine is large 13.5" x 11". I purchased the magazines full of ad's for about $6.00 a piece and large frames from the Dollar Tree store. I sent my hubby to pick up some red spray paint from Walmart yesterday for $.97 . This project is pretty cheap to do. Decorating a 1950's home can be pretty pricey with all the goodies out there to acquire from antique stores, ebay and etsy. I am all for decorating on the cheap.

 Unpainted frames and ads I hung right near my sink and dishwasher.

A frame that I spray painted red with a vintage advertisement. 

Today has been very productive. I also made a skirt from start to finish. It isn't perfect but I did it without a pattern. I had this fabric I purchased last Summer that I wanted to make a dress with. I didn't have enough fabric for that but I figured I could make a full skirt with it.  

I found a pretty simple tutorial online. Full Skirt Tutorial

I also used a fantastic tutorial on how to create gathers in the skirt - How to easily gather a skirt 
PS. I used yarn instead of string.

I had my 8 year old daughter take some quick photos. I won't be wearing this with a sweater. lol

This took about 2 hours to make. I was so surprised at how easy it was. I had never gathered a skirt before and the tutorial using the string made it so much easier and quicker to do. I added a vintage zipper on the side and voila my skirt was finished. So happy I have another 1950's frock to add to my vintage wardrobe.

I have to run and finish dinner. Pork roast on the menu. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Housewifing!


  1. Cute skirt. String for gathering? Curious

    1. Yes I used string for gathering the skirt. It works perfectly. :)

  2. Adoro los años 50 !!!! Me encanto la idea de los cuadros para la cocina !