Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1950's Novelty Party Dress..ooo la la!

 1950's Novelty Dress...

I fell in LOVE with this 1950's Party Dress. Ebay is a dangerous place when browsing for vintage and of course it's little sister Etsy. I could shop all day. 

I adore novelty prints from this era. These are my favorite mixture of colors, deep blue and greens. The entire dress is a cotton/blend. It has a full skirt that I will be wearing my crinoline with.  Every 50's girl needs a crinoline, it's a must and a staple in her wardrobe. This sweet dress can be dressed up or down. I will be wearing this dress to church and of course this Summer for picnic's. But onto the real reason I bought this amazing 50's dress. My husband and I will be attending the annual poinsettia ball/party given by his employer on December 7th. What a perfect reason to find a new 50's frock. I am currently looking for little white gloves to wear and pearl earrings, bracelet and beaded purse. I have a 1950's 3 strand pearlesque necklace to wear. This necklace was purchased by my husband and was my true first 1950's piece of jewelry. I will be posting the entire ensemble soon. I love the holidays and 1950's life.

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