Thursday, November 28, 2013


I found this great 1950's Thanksgiving tutorial on youtube. Butter is the theme here. Although the title says "Butterball" it is truly an American Dairy Association commercial. I am not the most amazing cook but I did manage to use real sweet cream butter on this years turkey. I have never used a cheesecloth for anything in my life but dipping one in butter and putting it on a turkey looks like it makes a beautiful brown bird. I use ginger ale for basting over and inside the cavity of my turkey every year. I am not sure if 1950's housewives ever thought of using that. I believe it is used as a substitute for champagne. A new friend told me about it and tried it and have been doing it for about 10 years now. It makes a moist turkey for sure. I can already smell our turkey through our home right now. I missed that. We will be making fruit salad, squash, sweet potatoes and my homemade mashed potatoes. Apple pie and Pumpkin pie are on the menu too. Have a Happy 1950's Thanksgiving! Thanks for stopping by.

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