Monday, August 25, 2014

The Bees Knees of Modern Living.....But like it's 1955.

I Had a busy day filled with my housewife duties and I also made some freezer jam. Here I am still going strong in my 30 day blog post challenge. I've wanted to write about the modern 1950's culture for a while now.

My husband and I find ourselves looking for other couples and guys and gals who live like it's 1955. There is a growing community of us out there and we are looking for our "neighbors". There is a huge Rockabilly culture with guys and gals living like it's the 1950's. We interact with many through instagram. We collect. They collect. We thrift. They thrift. My husband likes to call it "Atomic Rescue".

Our fashion preferences are a bit different than Rockabilly crowd. I don't have tattoos. My husband has many but he had them before we came into the 1950's scene. He doesn't believe that a woman should have body piercings or tattoos. That is just his preference. I don't go for the pin up look (yet) but more the June Cleaver or Mad Men's Betty Draper. I adore the fit and flair dresses and crinolines of that time. Of course we all love the cat eye makeup and red lipstick.

I've been in the vintage community for 14 years now. I have finally found a the decade I love to wake up to everyday.  We are always on the hunt for one of a kind mid century furniture and period specific pieces. We acquire many at auctions, thrift stores and yard sales and of course ebay and etsy. This is a fun way to spend our time together. It strengthens our marriage and friendship because we have the same goals and interests in life. We really became deeply interested in the Modern 1950's family life and the culture when we found ourselves addicted to watching the television show "Wives with Beehives" on TLC.  Unfortunately the show was cancelled rather quickly. My very favorite show about the subject is a documentary called "Time Warp Wives."

Below are videos of guys and gals rocking the 1950's life in modern day.....

This sweet gal, Doris May Day was featured on the t.v. show My Crazy Obsession..not so crazy.

Time Warp Wives

40 Something...Couple living in the 1950's

Dollie Deville  from Wives with Beehives House Tour. 
FYI -  We have the same exact Atomic lamp to the right of her couch and the pink hanging Melmac cups shown over her sink.

Thanks for Reading!

Happy Housewifing!

She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:12


  1. I love that I'm finally finding others like myself! It's one thing to go "rockabilly" and a completely different story for those of us who actually live the 50s lifestyle!

    1. Oh my! Thank You so much for your lovely comment. Not sure how this slipped past me. So sorry. I am happy to see my "neighbors" stopping by to say hello. I love meeting others who live the "1950's" too.

      ~ Jenn

  2. So glad I found your site. I have loved vintage for many years (currently 28 yrs old) I think I have my Mother to thank, showing me all the old movies and listening to Billie Holiday! As my love for vintage has grown, I have found myself becoming more and more comfortable dressing the way of that era. personally - i despise current fashions. I go into shops in my town & really struggle to find anything to buy. I didn't realise how many vintage lovelies there were. Though my transition into the lifestyle is slow, I'm so glad I've found people I can relate to :)