Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Facebook Page and Cute Kitschy Thrifting Finds

Day two of the 30 day blog post challenge. Still going It was a fun Saturday out thrifting and yard sale hunting. It's August so we are getting to the end of yard sale season here. Unfortunately I only found ONE thing at an Estate sale. A little doll chair for my 9 year old daughter. I wasn't vintage but she loves to play dollies.

We were able to find 2 large sales and a church sale in their parking lot. I was surprised and disappointed with ton's of baby stuff, vhs tapes, clothes, and books. Nothing even remotely vintage. Oh well. We made a stop at the Salvation Army on our way home this afternoon and of course it was brika-brak day so there was a discount on anything we bought. I found two vintage kitsch planters within 10 minutes. Some how I have gained quite a collection of these vintage planters. I have Mccoy, Shawnee, American Bisque, Hull and unnamed ones like these. I have taken to rooting my spider plants and wandering jews in glasses of water on the window sills to have enough little plants to pot in these. I may have to move into the garage if we become over run with vintage planters.

The best part of today's finds is that the little elephant planter had a hand written note on the bottom. "Joan from Grandma Bear" 9-11-56. I note from 1956. Almost 60 years old and proof it was there in the 1950's on someones window sill showing off her little pink ears and ruffle dress. I really enjoy finding all the little pieces from that time period that are in pristine condition. I wish I had a date for the little bear on the booty but the paint and design really tell what period it came from. Well I will add clean them up and add them to the collection and I am sure they will be right at home.

Vintage 1956 Elephant Planter

I have also started a Facebook Page. I'm hoping it grows quickly. Please check it out  and Like and Share it.

Facebook - Our Life Atomic

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Happy Housewifing.

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