Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vintage Kitsch Weekend Favorites

I wish I could buy everything vintage bobble I see. I love finding vintage deals online and while I'm out thrifting. Today we are having a snowstorm and I've taken some time to sit and have a cup of tea and browse online. Ebay is my favorite site for finding vintage kitsch.

I'm in love with a seller I found while searching for vintage potholders on ebay. This seller happens to live in my state and is called Mainely Vintage Linens. Here are just a few items they have in their store. If your kitchen is looking a little bare these would do a wonderful job of brightening up a vintage themed kitchen.

Below are also some great vintage decorations I found this morning while browsing. I love spaghetti poodles. I have seen these same poodles selling for up $100 in my area. The poodles on ebay are very affordable and too adorable! My collection...begins..

Ebay Seller: SweetRepeats4All

Ebay Seller :BakesVinyl

I also browsed for some chalkware. I actually broke my vintage fruit plaque while dusting it so I'm one the lookout for another. There are many on ebay. I like the Arther Miller aka Miller Studio, as they usually have the date on stamped into the back of them. I'm picky like that. 

Ebay Seller - Antique Alter Ego

Ebay Seller - Masterkee1982

Ebay Seller - FirstGlassCat

Ebay Seller - Airgonaut8

Of Course I had to browse for some new brooches. Some of these were just scrumptious!

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