Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'm a stay-at-home mom. Go ahead ask me what I do all day. I dare you.

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I sit here contemplating life this morning and I am feeling a little perturbed. I was asked AGAIN last night by a nice, but well meaning new acquaintance that dreaded question "What do you do all day"? Really? Ugh! I went on to explain. It seem's like I need an explanation to not work outside the home these days.

Is it that strange to be home with my children and keep a home? Maybe? The fact is that if we live within our means there should not be an issue with being a homemaker. Wive's can be spend thrifts. My husband experienced being almost in financial ruin in his past marriage. Many husbands struggle with wive's over spending. One of the top things couple fight about is money.

Like I said I am a "modern vintage homemaker" which means I have experienced divorces, step family issues, financial strains from child support payments paid out and lack of child support payments coming in and much more. I believe it takes the right plan and mind set to be a stay at home wife. I give mom's who do work outside the home props for juggling that lifestyle too.

I'm not perfect by any means and it is a work in progress. My home is never perfectly spotless and I do feel a little guilt over that. Our family is happy and comfortable. That's what counts. We have healthcare through my husbands job and for that I am grateful. My husband has a good income but we are not rich by any means. I believe to be a homemaker in today's world there are things you will give up, but also gain different things in exchange. It's what you make of it.

My Top 5 Pet Peeves People Say To Homemakers:

1. What do you do all day?

2. Do you have to ask for money?

3. I wish I could watch T.V. all day.

4. You're so lucky to have all that free time.

5. I wish my husband was rich, so I wouldn't have to work either.

Ok, I feel better now. I'm heading back to my happy place. 

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Happy Housewifing!


  1. Ha! I love number 4. Free time? What's that? If I can get a 15 minute shower without interruption, I think I have hit the jackpot! LOL!

  2. I hate that question too, but as I can't have children, it's more awkward to say I'm a housewife. We live well within our means, have no debt and no overdraft on our bank account. We privately rent and have one income from my husbands job as a postman but the bills are paid, we have a roof over our heads, we have satellite television, internet, a car and can afford to shop in one of the nicer supermarkets and still have savings and the means to treat ourselves. I have no income of my own and this is something which boggles the minds of most people but I'm not a spendy person and I don't feel hard done by or restricted in any way.

  3. I'm constantly getting silly things said to me about being a housewife. I especially feel the sting of frustration when people imply that I'm lazy! I'm not! I wish I could just sit on my tush and eat chocolate all day but I have a house to clean, laundry to do, dinner to cook. I may not have children to care for but i don't see what I'm doing wrong. We eat, afford our rent, pay for the car, etc and my husband isn't bothered by me being a homemaker. I don't understand this odd stigma behind it these days, it was fine for my grandma, why not me?!

  4. It would be my dream to be able to stay at home full time!

  5. It a rude question when it comes from acquaintances or they imply that ,as housewives, we sit around all day doing nothing. But it's worse ,I think so anyway,when it comes from family members. I want to say,"My husband works 50+ hours a week.You come to our house. It's clean, the laundry is done,food is cooked and the yard work is done. Who do you think does it, fairies?" Ok I'm done. Sorry for the rant.