Friday, January 15, 2016

Mom's Homemade Apple Pie with only 2 Ingredients. Sort of from scratch...

Most of us remember the sweet smell of homemade pies baking in the oven. Many of us have never made a pie from scratch. I'm one of them. (Raises Hand). Sadly I have only ventured into cookies, boxed cakes, brownies, and breads. I have however warmed a pre-made pie up in the oven. Ok, I know that doesn't count. So much for the vintage housewife gig, right? This past week I decided to make a pie. Sort of from scratch.

I bought a small box of Jiffy Pie Mix at my last grocery store visit. The box said made since 1935. So I was curious and it was $.75 and at that price I thought why not? I was sure I could make use of it. I didn't read the rest package and assumed I would need to add eggs, milk or some other ingredients to the mix.

I had also purchased can's pie filling in Apple, Cherry and Key Lime and usually have these on hand. I found these to be extremely cheap at just $1 at our local Dollar Store. I stocked up on those cans, as I like to make dump cakes for my family.

So there I had it. Two Ingredients was all I needed for my pie. I added some cinnamon and sugar to the top of the pie just to make it pretty.

I was surprised to find all I was going to need to do for the Jiffy Pie Mix was add a few tablespoons of water and mix it with a fork. Now I am an accomplished pie maker. Sort of. Maybe you can try making your hubby one tonight?

2 Ingredient - Sort Of From Scratch Pie


1 Box Jiffy Pie Crust Mix
1 Can of Pie Filling

Before Baking

After Baking

Happy Housewifing!


  1. I have made a pie completely from scratch on several occasions, for special occasions, but to be honest, for a week day meal, I'm all about quick, fast, and in a hurry. Enjoyed the post.

    Mrs. Myra

    1. Hello Mrs. Myra,

      I will also be attempting a pie from scratch at our next holiday. I agree with that it is perfect for a weekday meal dessert. In fact I made a Key Lime Pie last night. I am about quick and easy as well.

      Mrs. Jenn

  2. I've made three pies from scratch, the first, a cherry pie was a nightmare, the pastry took so long! The second, pumpkin, was far quicker and turned out really well, as did the apple pie. I want to make more from scratch as it's very satisfying and can last us a few days for pudding x

    1. How brave to make a pie from scratch. I am going to try it, soon. Maybe I will have a knack for it. I will be making a cake from scratch tomorrow. I have chosen a coconut cake from vintage recipe. My husbands birthday is tomorrow and I have never made a cake from scratch. Finger's crossed that it come's out right!

      Mrs. Jenn

    2. My nan was a very proficient pastry maker, so I hope it's in my genes!
      Happy birthday to your husband! I'm sure he'll love your cake :)