Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Morning Coffee, and a 1950's Newspaper.

I got up this morning and made Big Daddy his coffee. Black of course. I myself prefer cream and sugar. I couldn't get him the morning paper because Big Daddy prefers his newspaper feed on is "I-Pad". Gone is newspaper delivery at the doorstep of our local happenings. There's something about the morning paper delivered by a delivery person. Nolstalgic? Both myself and my husband delivered news papers the old fashioned way in the 1980's when we were kids.

I recently discovered a wonderful find in a mid century cabinet we acquired at an auction. Inside the cabinet was a few pieces of green shag carpet and a folded up yellowed newspaper. I almost threw it away but noticed it was unique. I could see parts of advertisements I knew that were not from my time. I opened it up and to my surprise it was dated April 19, 1950. It's tattered and torn in places but reading it was a thrill. I was meant to find it and share.

Have a Great Day!
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  1. What a terrific find! I was at a flea market about six months ago and found a Ladies Home Journal magazine, in color, dated October 1941 for a 1.00. The woman said they had found it under a piece of furniture while cleaning out her grandparents home. I have enjoyed looking at it very much. Isn't it fun to stumble upon bits of history? Have a great weekend.

    1. I love those magazines. I do have a few from the 1950's. I want to display them when I find a mid century wire magazine holder and a coffee table. The home journal is such a great larger size too.

      You also have a great weekend! We are in the car traveling downstate (Maine). Ha ha. We already hit a really great thrift store. :)

  2. That is a really great piece of history! What a difference from today's paper! I love to find old magazines and see the fashions and ads in them! I think it is great that we are wasting less paper no a days with using tablets but I still do really love the feel of holding a magazine or newspaper and flipping through the pages.