Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Search For Mid Century Home Decor

Looking for vintage at our local thrift stores is a favorite past time for myself and husband. He says it's "who" he is shopping with that makes it fun for him. I also think he loves the thrill of the hunt. He has gained quite an eye for vintage. We are currently looking for gems from the 40's to 60's. These items are often over looked at out local thrift stores by locals.

This weekend we found a few goodies for next to nothing. For example on our trip to the Salvation Army we found two large mid century Maxey trays for .49 each.

We also found the "Blue Heaven" atomic partial set at an antique store for next to nothing. I will add to this set from here. It came with six coffee cups and plates, butter dish and creamer.
I realize it is from Circa 1964-1965 but I love the Atomic Design.

I also picked up these little wooden Salt and Pepper shakers on Ebay. Mr. Salty and Mrs. Peppy. Circa 1950's

I'm still looking for a 1950's Kitchen Clock. Meanwhile I am working on making Atomic print kitchen curtains. I will blog soon with photos on my progress. 

Thanks for Reading! Happy Housewifing.

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