Sunday, January 26, 2014

1950's Kitchen update - Jadeite Walls

Hi everyone. I've started my 1950's kitchen renovation/re-do. I chose to go with the classic colors of jade walls with pink cabinets. I went to Walmart for the paint. I brought with me a vintage 1947 Glidden advertisement I have from one of my vintage Better Homes and Gardens magazines. 

I love this kitchen with its Pennsylvania Dutch tole painting. I am not sure if I would go all out and do this to my cupboards, although it is adorable. Any ways the color in the advertisement was called "jadeite". I walked right over to the paint swatches and found almost the identical color and I looked at the swatch name and it was "pale jade". I am happy it took all of five minutes because I didn't want waste a ton of time trying to find the paint. Below are before and after photos of my kitchen walls. I was quite impressed at how this color changed the look of the room instantly setting the scene of a circa 1950's kitchen. 

Before. I started to paint and almost forgot to take a before photo. 

After the Pale Jade Paint

More kitchen updates to come. Pink cabinets next and of course I will have to find vintage hardware for them as well. 

Thanks for reading. Happy Housewifing!!!

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