Friday, December 20, 2013

A 1950's "Novelty" Dress. A Christmas Gift from Hubby. Better than a Leg Lamp.

Christmas is just around the corner. Five days to be exact. I still have shopping to do as does my husband. That being mentioned.  I told my husband that I would love to have another 1950's Dress for Christmas. He says I am easy to shop for because it's either XS or Small. I can trust him with buying me clothes. He proudly purchased an adorable 50's shirt waist,  print dress in the perfect size, but upon closer inspection the "print" was quite interesting.

He purchased the dress from Etsy. The seller Daisy and Stella  - . The dress arrived quickly with cute packaging and a note. My husband "warned" me that it may or may not have "little naked men" on the dress. I was like "Oh My!" He told me that after he purchased the dress he noticed in one of the photos that...well I had to see for myself and you can too.

Upon further inspection it also "topless" women. At one point I thought I may have to purchase a thousand little round band aids to cover each little man part and woman parts. We had such a laugh and still do. I will proudly be wearing my 1950's novelty dress, to church and anywhere I want to. It's the thought that counts. What a wonderful Christmas surprise. The dress is actually beautiful. I love it! Boy parts and Boobies Too!


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